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Interested in teaching Montessori for a public school?

We are trying to grow our Montessori program in our public schools. Well, we need teachers..... So does every other public Montessori program. Posted here is a letter written by the chair of our recruitment committee for distribution to local colleges. If this speaks to you, please come to our open house. Our superintendent of Spokane Public Schools will be meeting with our families at the same time. Anyone with an interest in Montessori is welcome.
If this is not appropriate, please let me know and I will promptly delete.  Thanks. 

ETA:  OR ~ if you want to get involved growing our program, we can use all the volunteers we can get!!!

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Dear ,

As part of the SCAMC Recruitment Committee, I would like to introduce you to our organization more formally. SCAMC, or Spokane Community Advocates for Montessori Curriculum, was formed 25 years ago as a federally recognized nonprofit organization that partners uniquely with Spokane Public Schools. Because we believe that the Montessori way of teaching and learning is effective and thoughtful, we aim to increase access to Montessori education in local public school settings.

A 2005 study of our Montessori Program within Spokane Public Schools showed that children in our classes demonstrated significantly higher WASL scores than non-Montessori students. During the 2001-2005 academic years, 4th grade Montessori students met the standard for writing on WASL at an average rate that was 25 percentage points higher than non-Montessori 4th graders. Students met the standard for mathematics on WASL at an average rate that was 10 percentage points higher than non-Montessori 4th graders.

Because of this effectiveness and the loyalty of families benefiting from the results of this caring education, our program continues to grow. We are constantly searching for dedicated, qualified teachers who are interested in leading our classrooms and children into the future. For this reason, we would like to invite you and all professors and students of education to an open house on February 21st, 2008. I have attached the flyer for distribution electronically and we are delivering hard flyers througout all local college of education departments tomorrow and Wednesday. One attachment is in Publisher 2007, the other is a smaller PDF document_ Can you please send this information on to collegues and students?

One of the main roles of SCAMC is to provide scholarships of up to $11,000 to the teachers that we believe will successfully fit within our program. This scholarship provides funding toward the tuition of the esteemed AMI, or Association Montessori Internationale, teacher training certificate, an incredibly valuable masters degree.

Maybe this is a great fit for someone you know? If not, in the future, as you work with students who will consider the benefits of teaching in an elementary Montessori classroom, won't you think of Spokane Public Schools? We are interested in practicum placements as well. Please feel free to contact Paula Gibson-Smith, who teaches a lower elementary Montessori classroom at Jefferson Elementary and is currently working toward her AMI Teacher Training Certificate, with your questions and interests.

She may be reached at the following:

Classroom phone 509.354.3169

E mail PaulaG@spokaneschools.org

Mail to Jefferson Elementary 3612 S. Grand Blvd. Spokane, WA 99203

Thank you for the time and service to our community. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance
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