Hearts and Hands Blogathon for Kids <3


I know this isn’t the normal conversation but I thought this was something really cool and should tell you guys!

Spread the word… Hearts and Hands International, a non-profit charity, is having a Blog-athon. Today only – until 9pm (MT).

Please help out by visiting www.heartsandhandsinternational.org/blogathon.html

 You don’t need to donate, they’re just looking for traffic.

If you can…. Hearts and Heads would really appreciate it if you could post a short blog with a link back so we can help spread the word.  That would really help make this spread like “wild fire”!!  I hope you guys will blog about it too! let me know if you do that'd be cool!!

Hearts and Hands helps out at-risk children around the world… it never hurts to raise awareness.

Emily S.

ashes to ashes

Don't Dam It!

From an email just forwarded me by freespirit82:

Washington Dept. of Ecology ("Ecology") and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation will hold limited (2) public meetings, with last minute notice, about major dams proposed for Crab Creek and Hawk Creek in eastern Washington.  These dams will cost taxpayers billions and devastate fish and wildlife habitat.

These two agencies should be holding well-advertised public meetings throughout the state of Washington.    They are not.

Please try to attend, and let others know.   If you can't attend, then please telephone Senators Cantwell and Murray (see alert, below).    If you have time, also call Gov. Gregoire and Ecology Director Jay Manning.

Tuesday, July 31.   6-8 p.m.  Davenport.   Community Memorial Hall  (511 Park)

Wednesday, August 1.   6-8 p.m.   Othello.   Othello High School  (Multi-Purpose Room  340 S. 7th Ave)

Additional Links:

Thank you for caring.

~ John Osborn, MD
        Sierra Club ~ Upper Columbia River Group
        Center for Environmental Law & Policy (CELP)


CELP action alert ~ protecting rivers and drinking water aquifers
in western Washington & the Columbia River watershed

Pick up your phone and help fish and wildlife.  Major wildlife areas are targeted for new dams and reservoirs in eastern Washington.  

These new dams would:
. drown the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge and other critical habitats
. destroy fisheries
. force people from their homes
. cost taxpayers billions of dollars

Send a clear message:
1)  Stop funding studies to build new dams.

2)  In the face of the climate crisis, start funding water conservation and sensible water management programs.

Senator Maria Cantwell
(202) 224-3441    ~ if you can make a second call, then telephone the Seattle office at 206-220-6400

Senator Patty Murray
(202) 224-2621   ~  (the Seattle office at  Phone: (206) 553-5545  Toll Free: (866) 481-9186)

Gov. Christine Gregoire
(360) 902-4111

Jay Manning (Ecology Director)
(360) 407-7001

John Osborn

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Hello! There once was a little paper called The Finger that was published in Spokane on a when-possible-basis. Now with a more regional focus, there's a new issue!

This issue is a bit more literary/zine style. It's a split with another project called Matryoshka. More information can be found at the recently created community. New contributors are welcome! Thanks!

Spokane living wage signatures turned in today

Nancy, Rusty, Ron and I dropped off petitions to the city clerks office this afternoon.  We munched animal crackers and chatted with a Sane City Councilperson while we waited to see if they'd get the same number as us.   Indeed it was so!
3,871 signatures !!!!!
It may take as long as four weeks to validate 2,914 of those signatures to secure our spot on the ballot.  We'll keep you posted and get word to you as soon as we get it.  Please stay posted, we may need to attend the city council hearings in the next few weeks (likely July 23).
Thanks to everyone for an amazing last week where we pulled in over 900 signatures in 6 days.   Thanks to all who supported the effort by gathering signatures and returning petitions.

We're going to take a bit of time to relax, reflect and plan campaign strategy for the three months.   We will need to start major fund raising in late July.  We need additional brochures, yard signs, and a plan to recruit retail workers.
Our next living wage meeting will be Tuesday, July 23, at 5:00 PM in the Mezzanine conference room.  Please plan to join us!


Spokane police brutality protest today, 4:30

copied from PJALS email

There's too much going on, but PJALS must respond to the rash of inappropriate arrests in Spokane over the past week.

Join us on the sidewalk between Mallon and Broadway on the west side of Monroe this Monday, July 9th, at 4:30. Bring a sign or use one of ours.

Signs should not do any name calling or use any profanity. There is plenty to say in plain courteous language about the way the police should be conducting themselves. It is simply wrong for people who love justice and truth to be mistreated by law enforcement.

This action might be viewed as a gift of a free human rights and free speech workshop for our police officers. The good guy-bad guy thing has gone too far, and it's time for the police department to support and honor those who would never hurt them or anyone else.

This is the first installment of PeaceWorks in response to the ASAP massacre on the 4th and the Gonzo busts of July 2. Please pass the word. - Rusty and Nancy

Police Brutality Protest

Public response to 4th of July police brutality, in solidarity with the young people who attempted to exercise their rights of free speech, and in solidarity with Dan Treecraft and Rebecca Lamb, arrested at the Torture-man Gonzales event last week. Join PJALS on the sidewalk between Mallon and Broadway on the west side of Monroe this Monday, July 9th, at 4:30. Bring a sign or use one of ours.

Let's support the future of dissent in this sad country, and let's tell law enforcement that the citizenry will no longer stand back and allow them to run rampant over our civil rights, or beat homeless people to death, or lose control of themselves and brutalize people participating in peaceful protest.

And let's let those 19 people know that we all stand ready to support them as they go through the court system, and in any other way we can. They stood for us!

Big Box/Living Wage update

On Tuesday, a volunteer spoke with a city official who quoted our required valid signature number at near 1,000 more than previously quoted.  Suddenly our comfortable cushion of 900 signatures became almost 1, 000 too short.   We immediately sent off alerts to advocates across the city and 12 volunteers hit the streets for the fourth of July.

Thanks to all that came out yesterday to collect anti-poverty signatures on the fourth.   We pulled in a few hundred signatures in under two hours.

It was a rough event.  The heat was intense,  Tim Eyeman's paid petitioners were competing to bend ears, and the day ended badly with the arrest of 17+ protesters.   Keep your eyes on this news story, folks.   By the witness accounts I've heard, this was a clear display of authoritarianism and brutality.  PJALS is committed to lending support to the arrestees.

We are still short about 800 signatures.
  These must be turned into the city Tuesday, leaving us five days to secure a spot on the ballot for the anti-poverty initiative.

If you have not signed the initiative petition, please stop into PJALS (35 W.  Main, upstairs from Global Folk Art).  We'll be there Friday and Saturday afternoon until 6:30-7.

        Can you help?  This campaign has relied on the volunteer work of extraordinary individuals committed to take steps toward ending the poverty in our community.   No special skills are required, just a commitment to asserting our rights to act for justice in our community.  It's easy to learn the basics of the initiative, and just two hours of volunteer work can net 40 signatures, a huge boost.

Your commitment of a few hours over the next few days will make the difference to get economic justice onto the ballot in November.

Please call PJALS at 838-6025 to lend your support.

If you are going to a gathering in the next few days please call us for a petition to take along.  Every single signature will help.

Have your friends signed?  Your parents?  Your neighbors?  Signatures must come from registered voters who live in the city limits of Spokane.

We will be meeting at the community building back door at 6:45 on Saturday evening to collect signatures from concert goers at Riverfront Park.   Please show up if you have a few hours.

We'll be collecting from concert goers at the Allison Kraus show on Sunday night.  Can you help?  7-8:30 PM.

Do you know about another event that we could attend to collect signatures?

Thanks for all that you do for peace and justice.



What are you doing about poverty in Spokane?

It's almost your last chance to help the Living Wage camapign.

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 30 from 3-5 we will be collecting signatures from Hoopfesters.

Can you spare two hours for the anti-poverty initiative?   Even if you've never done anything like this, we'll teach you how quickly.  It's easy, fun, and a great way to make an impact in your community.

Meet at the Community Building BACKDOOR at 2:45! Knock on the windows so we'll see you.

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Protest Tomorrow 1:00 at West Central Community Center!! Let's show up in force and demonstrate our message that we WILL NOT SUPPORT AN ATTORNEY GENERAL WHO DOES NOT SUPPORT CIVIL RIGHTS!!


From the Spokesman:

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will stop in Spokane on Wednesday to discuss gang enforcement with a task force of federal, state and local law officials.

Gonzales, who is facing criticism in Congress for the firing of eight U.S. attorneys, is making a swing through the Northwest, with previous stops in Salt Lake City, Seattle and Boise.

The Department of Justice announced today that Gonzales will hold a closed meeting with members of the gang task force at the West Central Community Center at 1 p.m.

Tom Rice, first assistant U.S. Attorney for Eastern Washington, said Gonzales will be briefed on task force operations in the Spokane area, where the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms participate with state, city and county police officials. It’s the way the system is supposed to work, but that’s not always the case in every community, Rice said.

“Spokane can be held up as a model,” he said.

Torture is NOT a family value
Torture is UN-American
Guantanamo has got to go
You have made the Bill of Rights a Bill of Wrongs
What part of the Bill of Rights don't you understand?
Cronyism, Concealment, Corruption
Serve the Republic NOT the Republican Party
Department of Justice: Subsidiary of the GOP
We need a statesman, not a partisan
No credibility; No confidence
It's called the U.S. Constitution, Alberto!

BE THERE!!! West Central Community Center, Maxwell and Mission in the West Central Neighborhood